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Viktor Nübel is a graphic designer living and working in Berlin. He has studied social science before switching to graphic design. He has graduated from design akademie berlin with the thesis »Type Attack!«, which set the ground for creating PTL Attack. One of the most influential teachers while studying at the design akademie berlin was Verena Gerlach, a well known Berlin type designer. After finishing studies Viktor worked in her studio for more than a year. She also introduced him to Ole Schäfer, who with his expertise and experience helped most of Viktor’s typefaces to grow and enhance.

Among other things he made an internship at MetaDesign, worked for  FSI FontShop International and FontShop’s international design conference TYPO Berlin, here he was in the main organizing team preparing the program of the conference for two years.

Nowadays he works for various agencies and clients . He is specialized in web design, logotype design, visual identities and type design. He also does consulting work.

His typefaces has been published at myfonts, primetype and volcano type. Together with his brother Clemens Nübel he has created the web application ¿©hara¢ter(s)!—A typographic cheat sheet and FontDrop!.

Working with Type

Design & Service

Beside designing unique new typefaces, Viktor provides the following typographic services in the field of type design and type technology.

Custom Type Design

Individual typefaces or icon sets for branding and recognizable communication. Type design and also icon sets are the most fundamental modul for a purposeful communication. Beside the design aspekt an individual solution can bring safety to all legal and licensing issues. Get in touch!

Digitizing Lettering

Creating fonts out of handwritten letters, including letter variations, special ligatures, contextual subsitutions and OpenType technology. This often is used by comic artists for their artwork. A digital version of an individual lettering style can help in the creative and also in the production process and even can make texts more legible. See examples!

Logotype Design & Redesign

Contemporary logotypes for high quality requirements. Letters, signs or icons with a distinguished and professinal look are a strong branding tool. Recognizability depends also on the size of a logotype—on a big display, many details, as a small web icon, less details. For professional usage usually a set of logo files is required. Fine-tuning and typographic redesign of existing logotypes can help to bring a logo type to the next level. Very small changes, can be a major step in direction of professionality. See examples!

Font Modifications

All you can modify! Adding characters, adding language support or redesigning letters. Adding a logotype or a set of icons to a font. Creating webfonts with a special character set or create different file formats. Checking the technological state of a font files. Get in touch!


Type in the production process of a publishing house, newspaper or magazine. Handling a big amount of font assets. Got the licensing right? Typefaces with a certain historical background? Typopgraphy for e-books or applications? Viktor has worked with publishing houses as an independent consultant to help with all type related questions. Drop a line for your question about type!

Viktor’s work is featured in the following books

Yearbook Of Type 3

Yearbook of Type 3 by Slanted

Yearbook of Type

Yearbook of Type by Slanted

Typographic Sketchbooks

Typographic Sketchbooks by Steve Heller & Lita Talarico

Type Image

Type Image by Barbara Brownie

New Typography Book
New Typography by Karena Xu

Modern Patterns, Sendpoints Publishing

Modern Patterns
Sendpoints Publishing

output: 09

output: 09, International Students Award