Working With Type

Digital Lettering for Comic Books

Digitizing comic lettering started as a favour for a friend. When his first graphic novel was getting published abroad, he didn’t want it to be set in Comic Sans…

Comic lettering 2
Comic lettering 1
Comic lettering 4
Comic lettering 5
Comic lettering 3

Usually there are at least two versions of each letter, sometimes even four. These letters alternate automatically with the help of the OpenType feature discretionary ligatures. These randomly changing letters let the text look more lively and closer to the original handmade lettering.

Comic lettering features

Depending on the prefered expression some fonts need extensive rework after they had been scaned and autotraced. They get kerned and features get added.

Custom fonts were made for the publishers Reprodukt, Ventil Verlag and Drawn & Quarterly.

For Questions or enquiries about digitizing of lettering get in touch

In use …

Guy Delisle: Burma Chronicles
Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly, 2008.
Original lettering by Dirk Rehm (Reprodukt).

Susumu Katsumata: Red Snow
Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly, 2009.
Original lettering by Rich Tomasso.

Larry Marder: Bohnenwelt
Publisher: Ventil Verlag, 2012.
Original lettering by Larry Marder.