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BLOCKROCK (formerly known as OSTBLOCK*) is a 3-dimensional, experimental, uppercase typeface, inspired by photographs of blocks of buildings seen from a bird’s eye view—prefabricated slab-construction buildings (Plattenbauten) of former GDR.

Blockrock Typeface Specimen

There are two versions of this typeface: BLOCKROCK, which contains more complexe ›buildings‹ and BLOCKROCK Simple, a simplified version—as the name says—with more straight ›buildings‹.

Blockrock Simple versus Normal Style

In BLOCKROCK Simple you will find also a difference in uppercase letters and lowercase letters. The first one are higher buildings and the seconed one lower.

Uppercase and Lowercase Letters of Blockrock and Blockrock Simple

BLOCKROCK & BLOCKROCK Simple come with six styles/weights: Regular, Outline, Solid, Roof, Side and Front.

Blockrock and Blockrock Simple Weights

The weights can easily get combined to build proper three-dimensional letter buildings. In general combining two or three layers with each other, will create a good result.

Blockrock Layers Combination

BLOCKROCK is published by Volcano Type and available at MyFonts.

* In OSTBLOCK the different layers/weights was organized as OpenType features in Stylistic Sets, which maked the access much more difficult (only reachable via several submenus). In Blockrock the layers are real font weights/styles, access is much easier now (by choosing a different font weight) and the layers are mor vsiable for th user. Blockrock also comes with one more weight, Blockrock Outline and a little wider language support.

In Use

OSTBLOCK in use — Game App
Computer game Eden.