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Oliva & Oliva Italic are two heavy display typefaces with some strong references to type classics from the 1930s till the 1970s. While Oliva takes it’s main inspiration from typefaces as Futura Black and Motter Ombra, OlivaItalic has been spiced up with Stilla, a typeface by François Boltana from the early 1970s, and some Femina—a Othmar Motter typeface again. You might also taste a note of Allegro by Hans Bohn from the 1930s to complete the mixture.

The typeface Oliva & Oliva Italic support Cyrillic languages.

Upright and Italic style change in a clever way.

Oliva & Oliva Italic are OpenType fonts with an extended set of glyphs and contemporary OpenType features.

Every style comes with more than 500 glyphs.


In Use

Oliva featured in PAGE magazin 10.2010