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OSTBLOCK is a three-dimensional, experimental, uppercase typeface, inspired by photographs of blocks of buildings seen from a bird’s eye view—prefabricated slab-construction buildings (Plattenbauten) of former GDR.

OSTBLOCK specimen
There are two verions of this typeface: The regular one contains the more complexe ›buildings‹ and the simplified version—as the name says—more simple ones.
In OSTBLOCK ›Simple‹ you will find also a difference in uppercase letters and lowercase letters. The first one are higher buildings and the seconed one are lower.
OSTBLOCK weights
Each of these OpenType fonts containes 5 additional stylistic sets, which help to create a three-dimensional impression.
OSTBLOCK stylistic sets

Learn more on how to use OSTBLOCK with this user guide.


OSTBLOCK in use — Game App
OSTBLOCK in a computer game.