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The robust and contemporary sans-serif typeface Rethink, comes with strong characteristics. The typeface is made for work in text as well as in display. It features nine weights in two styles, including Small Caps, a set of contemporary OpenType functions, multiple figure sets and a rich language support.

Sans-Serif Typeface Rethink Specimen

Rethinks main characteristics are the non-straight stroke endings and a slope that might come in an unexpected direction. It brings a bit of movement to the baseline and some attraction to the shapes in bigger sizes. These details are designed to ‘disappear’ in smaller sizes and to not disturb a reading process.

Sans-Serif Typeface Rethink Details

While there is strong charateristics in this typeface, accentuating text in display or headlines, Rethink is also fully suitable for body text and reading. Note that the type you are reading right now, also is Rethink!

Sans-Serif Typeface Rethink Text

Rethink has nine weights in upright and italic style.

Sans-Serif Typeface Rethink Weights

The Rethink type family comes with Small Caps and two sets of Circled Numbers and Arrows.

Sans-Serif Typeface Rethink Extras

Rethink containes a large set of figues, Proportional Figures are default. Via OpenType you also have acess to Old Style Figues, Tabular Figures and Old Style Tabular Figures, Superscript and Subscript figures and a Fraction Feature allows to build every fraction you need.

Sans-Serif Typeface Rethink Figures

Rethink was designed with the idea to help spreading bold ideas ond strong opinions, to support the work of activists in contemporary movements, to design statements with impact and meaningfulness.


The type family Rethink is available at MyFonts and Fontspring.

In Use

Rethink in use on book cover
Rethink (PTL Attention) in use on book cover for publisher mikrotext


Rethink is a complete rework of PTL Attention, a typeface published in 2013, and still also available. Rethink comes with more characters, many design refinements and redrawn details and a changed vertical metrics. Although the overall design is pretty similar, both typeface are not interchangeable without changes of the text position. If you are an PTL Attention user and have any question about upgrading or changing from PTL Attention to Rethink, just get in touch.