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Twista is a typeface from the realm of impossible constructions, from letters of illusions, the world of M.C. Escher. It takes its place in the tradition of typefaces playing with 3-dimensional drawings on a 2-dimensional surface. iÍt tricks the eye and attracts our gaze. Carefully choose which messages you set in Twista, they might be read with an invisible question mark added at the end.

Twista features three main styles: Shaded, Outline and Open Line.

All letters and characters come in two versions. While typing an OpenType mechanism will flip between these letters automatically (Contextual Alternates Feature).

Twista’s six styles, might be used as single styles or could be combined as layers.

The typeface Twista helps to create unique logotypes or product names, set diverse short headlines, create impressive type posters or any other content with a twist! Go try it out..



Article about escheresque letters and the design background of Twista on Medium.