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WordPress Plugin Glyphviewerl

WordPress Plugin Glyphviewer

As a FontDrop! spin off and in collaboration with the type foundry Lettersoup we made a little WordPress plugin that allows you to show all glyphs in a font file.

The plugin offers a simple shortcode [ glyphview ] that can be embedded on a WordPress website to display all glyphs of a specified font file. You can define as many shortcodes as you want. Each shortcode includes arguments for cell width and height, the font file path, the font file name, and the option to exclude specific glyphs.

Here is an example:

[ glyphview cellwidth=”50″ cellheight=”40″ font=”MyFont.woff” path=”” exclude=”0,1,2,3″ ]

Download the PlugIn

If you are interested to try the Glyphviewer plugin, you can download it here. Please note that for a commercial use a license fee is due to cover the development costs!

Any questions? Get in touch!



Version 0.2.0

  • New Feature: Supporting .woff2 font files
  • Better documentation
  • Coding improvements

Version 0.1.4

  • New Feature: Adding options for colour of glyphs and lines in the BackEnd

Version 0.1.3

  • Bugfix: Adding correct caps height.
  • Better embedding of .js file.

Version 0.1.1

Initial release. PlugIn with a [ shortcode ] to show all glyphs of a given fontfile.