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PTL Attention

PTL Attention

PTL Attention a robust and contemporary sans serif type familiy with it‘s very own characteristics. Made for work in text as well as display. Comes with nine weights in two styles, including small caps, a set of contemporary OpenType features, all standard figure sets and a rich language support.

See PTL Attention PDF for more information.
Available at MyFonts.

PTL Attention specimen
The concept for PTL Attention goes back to the days of my thesis »Type Attack!«. From the beginning the idea was not only to have a display stencil type like PTL Attack, but also to create a more serious companion.

PTL Attention weights
There weren’t any direct influences on the design itself, but of course the concepts of the sans-serif type history was in my mind, and there was a few typefaces I consulted from time to time, like Gill Sans, Interstate or Emigre’s Base.

PTL Attention details

There are alternative glyphs for ›f‹ and ›t‹ in the font that give the typeface a more neutral impression. There is also an alternate for ›Å‹ with the ring connected to the letter for display use. Access thes alternates through the OpenType feature Stylistic Set 01 or Stylistc Alternates.PTL Attention Alternates

The whole Attention family comes with Small Caps.
PTL Attention Small Caps

Standard Ligatures as ›fi‹ or ›ffi‹ and Discretionary Ligatures as ›Th‹ or ›ti‹ .
PTL Attention Ligatures

It containes a large set of figues, default are Proportional Figures. With OpenType features you also have acess to Old Style Figues, Tabular Figures and Old Style Tabular Figures. The Fraction Feature allows to build every fraction you need.PTL Attention Figures

Arrows and symbols. The different arrow sets can be reached with OpenType Stylistic Sets 01–04.
PTL Attention Arrows

To handle the kerning with a big amount of glyphs that are present in the fonts I used the iKern service of Igino Marini.

PTL Attention characters

Available at MyFonts.

PTL Attention in use

PTL Attention in use: mikrotext cover
Cover for Ebooks. Design: Andrea Nienhaus